Eastern Province

The Eastern Province of the Congregation, serving regions east of the Mississippi and south of the New England Province, is based in Philadelphia. The Eastern Province sponsors pastoral, educational, and multi-ethic outreach ministries in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Alabama, and a mission in the Republic of Panama. 

In the earliest years of the Eastern Province, Vincentians established a missionary center in Philadelphia where they worked for a myriad of causes for those most in need. From creating diocesan seminaries that would support the native population, to creating parishes for the large number of European immigrant Catholics, to traveling to different parishes of urban and rural poor communities to educate and reinvigorate parish life. To assist working class, immigrant Catholics, the Vincentians started two colleges, St. John’s University in Brooklyn, New York, and Niagara University in Niagara, New York. These colleges remain two of the largest Catholic Universities in the country.

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